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Stone Builder

Missional Church

What does it mean?

Back to basics: Jesus was the first missionary (sent by God). Father and son then sent the Holy Spirit. And Jesus sent his disciples to make more disciples. Mission embraces everything God sent his people (church to do).

Our model is the early church (check out the Book of Acts). as with those early Christians, mission is not just one of the programs of our church, it defines our church as God's disciples, the ones he sent. This is a lifestyle. Our church is not a building but a community of believers, equipped by God, and sent into the world to testify to and participate in Christ’s work.

What does it look like?

  • We "speak Jesus" in words and actions.

  • We teach God's love and Good News.

  • We embrace everyone.

  • We address the needs of our mission field.

  • We stand for social justice.

  • We make disciples (empower people to join in the work).

Thanksgiving Dinner 2023 1.jpg

Feed My Sheep

Our volunteers put their faith in practice by offering free weekly meals (including on Thanksgiving Day), a closet filled with clothing, blankets, hygiene products, etc. and a food pantry.

Wi-Fi, laptops, and printers are also available for those trying to access resources.

Pastor Sabina and Dr. Brian Lisse.JPG

Holistic Approach

Life includes body, mind and soul. We do focus on each part of this philosophy as we also offer a free monthly medical clinic (our medical doctor, Dr. Brian Lisse stands here with Pastor Sabina), and support for the addicts and alcoholics (resources, rides, daily AA meetings, visitation...).

United in Prayer Walk.jpg

Community Involvement

Our church frequently participates in community events, including an annual prayer march, town festivals, parade, etc. The community also sometimes lacks in social events. We have responded to this need by organizing Halloween/Christmas/Easter community parties, dances, and more.


Emergency Shelter

Starting in the winter of 2023, our church has been opening its doors during the day and at night during the unusually cold days. We have been the only organization in town offering shelter. We also frequently allow people to temporarily set up tents on church property.

Children's Message March 2023 2.jpg

Teach and Empower

We have a passion for sharing and teaching the Word of God. We offer weekly small groups. Everyone is invited to take leadership in teaching. We also empower anyone to volunteer and become ministry leaders, worship readers, musicians, etc.

BLM Engagement.jpg

Love for All

We believe we are all loved equally by God. We stand for social justice in many ways, including LGBTQ+ equality, racial justice, climate change, etc.

We cannot experience a shared sense of justice until we have recognized where injustice occurs — until we have recognized where inequality exists. So social justice involves naming the existing injustices and inequalities.

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